Moving permits are required of anyone moving into, out of, or within the Borough. Cost of the permit is $5.00 and may be obtained at the Police Department.

Yard Sale permits are also required. There is no fee for this permit, but you are limited to two yard sales per year Monday through Saturday, no Sunday’s allowed.

Building/Zoning permits are required, contact the zoning office or the Borough Secretary for application.

Contractor’s Permits: To do work in the Borough a contractor’s permit is necessary. This may be obtained through the police department.

Garbage: Garbage is to be put out after 6 PM on Sunday evening, not before. 5 Pails and household furniture etc… are accepted. No building supplies or tires are accepted.

Junk Cars: No junk cars are permitted in the borough. Cars must be current with registration and inspection.

Snow Removal: Snow is to be removed within 24 hours after the snow fall. Please keep sidewalks and all pedestrian walkways free from snow/ice to prevent injuries and lawsuits.

Weeds: Maintenance of the weeds and grass along the curbs and sidewalk cracks is the property owner’s responsibility. Please keep sidewalks and all pedestrian walkways free from obstacles.

Sump Pumps and down spouts may not be discharged into the sewer lines.

Burning Permits: Must be obtained through the Fire Department.

Banners: Banners are available by contacting Rich Kern at 610-588-0745 or Bonnie Due 610-588-4656

Download Zoning Ordinance:

East Bangor Zoning Ordinance Section 3

East Bangor Zoning Ordinance Section 4