East Bangor Municipal Authority

EBMA Meeting are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 pm at the Municipal Authority.  Agenda will be available 24 hours before meetings, to request one, email ebmadmin@ptd.net. 

East Bangor Municipal Authority, PO Box 539, East Bangor PA 18013.  To drop off payments at the Municipal Authority at 555 E. Central Ave. East Bangor, you may use the black drop locking mailbox.


The Authority is a non-profit organization working to bring our Customers the Best Service we can possibly deliver at the Most Reasonable Rates.

Welcome to East Bangor Municipality Authority (EBMA), a public Water and Wastewater Authority.  The Authority is supervised by a five member Board of Directors responsible for supplying safe drinking water to approximately 900 people.

WATER OPERATIONS EBMA provides safe drinking water to over 300 billing accounts representing a population of approximately 900 people in residential, commercial, public and industrial settings. Additionally, over the past 2 years EBMA has made major improvements to its sources of water, upgraded its water treatment facility and expanded its water distribution system

The Authority provides public water services not only to the Borough of East Bangor, but also a small portion of Upper Mt Bethel Township and the entire neighboring community of Locke Heights.

EBMA is currently working to acquire grants in hopes to erect a 300,000 Gallon Water Tower within the borough which would greatly improve our distribution system.


Our Waste Treatment Plant currently serves only the Borough of East Bangor, which consists of over 200 homes. Our Treatment plant has also received major upgrades within the past 3 years including newly installed SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) which is a system for remote monitoring and controlling. This facility which includes offices, garages and meeting rooms have also received many renovations such as newly installed Heating Systems, New Roofs, interior and exterior lighting upgrades and the addition of an On-Line Auto Alert Notification System which is a shared venture with the East Bangor Borough. This allows both the Authority and the Borough to send alerts to all registered customers notifying them of any events or issues within minutes.

To register for the Auto Alert System please call 570-856-4527. If no answer, please leave info which should include:


Phone Number


Email (optional)

EBMA Board Members

Brad Wagner – President 570-856-4527

Russell Stout – Vice President 610-588-1601

Laura McLain-Secretary/Treasurer 484-241-1179

Todd McLain 484-241-1183

Larry Lobb 610-588-0512

Jessica Engler Treasurer/Secretary 610-704-8646

Solicitor     Attorney Peter Layman

Technician Dave Driesbach – Operator

Contractors Portland Contractors – 570-656-2575

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

Water/Sewer – 610-588-9911

Auto Alert System Notifications

Registration/Changes – 570-856-4527

To log in to your account and view your water usage as well as check your balances and pay bills go to https://ebma.authoritypay.com

Fore Right to Know request, email ebmadmin@ptd.net