Police History

East Bangor Police Department History 

17 W. Central Avenue


  The East Bangor Police Department was born with the organization and incorporation of this small borough in 1884. Only recently had the community realized a change in name from Delpsburg to the widely accepted East Bangor. Now that everything was official, William Bossard was selected by the borough as its first police officer. His salary would be $35.00 month.

   On June 9th 1890, the Ordinance book of East Bangor was issued, the standard by which the police department would protect and serve the people who lived on the sloping hillside.

   Men like Jack Hunt, Bill “Windy” Hamm, and William Luscombe put in long hours during the earlier years. Their operation revolved around a “lock-up” which was located on Weidman Avenue. While administering to the laws of the time, each officer’s duties included keeping the fires going (literally) in the borough hall, cleaning the council chambers, and acting as keeper of the keys. At night they were to fuse the gaslights and in the daytime they chased and controlled unattended horses.

    One distinction that East Bangor holds in the Slate Belt area is the longest tenure of a police officer as chief of police. That honor belongs to Moses Bray. His career ran from 1923 until 1955 when Arthur Stout would take over. Over the years several other men would take over as Chief of Police. In 2001 Mark J. Gwozdz was appointed to Chief of Police by the East Bangor Borough Council. In 2008 Mark Gwozdz resigned from the borough to explore new opportunities and Robert J. Mulligan was appointed Chief of Police  Robert is an eight year veteran of law enforcement and has been with the borough as a part-timer, since 2005. Robert Mulligan looks forward to serving as Chief and welcomes anyone to stop in and share their comments or concerns. Today’s police force consists of 1 full time Chief of Police and 3 part-time officers.

   With the horse and trolley era far behind the East Bangor Police Department has evolved with the times. The department now has updated equipment and is always looking to advance with today’s technology.