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  • East Bangor Yard Sales

    East Bangor Borough will hold it’s annual yard sale for our residents on Saturday June 5th. The Fire department will be coming around collecting a donation of $5.00

  • East Bangor Municipal Authority

    The authority is currently working on the Reservoir Improvement Project on South Broad Street. We have added some pictures in the gallery so you can see what your dollars are being used for.

  • 2021 East Bangor Waste Schedule

    East Bangor Borough Curbside Collection Calendar

    R –Recycling Collection Every Other Week         H – Indicates Holiday Collection Week

    Trash Curbside Collection

    Your waste will be collected curbside each Monday except Memorial Day, and Labor Day when collections will occur on Tuesday.

    Recycling Curbside Collection

    Recycling collection will occur every other Monday as identified in green.

    Please call 1-800-621-2100 to reach our Grand Central Landfill and Hauling Team.

    Single Stream Recycling Collection

    All recyclables may be placed in the same recycling container and put out for collection every other Thursday. Please do not include plastic bags of any kind with your recycling.

    What East Bangor Borough Can Recycle

    These items may be placed in the container for single-stream recycling

    • Plastics: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    • Glass: bottles and jars
    • Metal: bi-metal, aluminum or tin cans
    • Paper: newsprint, small cardboard boxes (shoe, gift, cereal boxes), magazines, phone books, envelopes, junk mail
    • Cartons: Milk, cream, wine, juice, broth, egg substitutes
    • Corrugated cardboard: please cut or flatten boxes

    These items are not accepted for recycling

    • Plastics: any plastic that is not marked with 1 to 7 in recycling symbol, toys, garden hoses, pool covers, bowling balls, clam-shell containers (think tomato and fruit containers)
    • Glass: mirrors, plate glass, drinking glasses, glass cookware
    • Electronics: TV’s, microwave ovens, appliances
    • Styrofoam, propane tanks, tires
    • Any soiled or greasy paper or cardboard, including pizza boxes
    • Used Syringes – please use our Think Green from Home program for this

    Waste Management will not collect yard waste, grass, televisions, computer equipment, appliances containing refrigerants, construction debris and hazardous waste. Our company also will not collect any liquid waste, including paint. If you have paint you no longer need, attempt to give it to someone who can use it. Otherwise, before placing out for the trash collection allow the paint to dry out or add cat litter or sand to the paint so that is no longer liquid.

    Recycling Options

    Recycle automotive batteries and used motor oil through a service station or car parts supplier. Recycle dry-cell batteries, CFL light bulbs, electronics and safely dispose of used syringes using Waste Management’s for-a-fee, order-from-home services available through Also visit website to learn more about recycling.


    The authority has made significant improvements to our billing procedures, with several benefits to our customers, including a new and improved invoice layout, and a new web-based Customer Portal that enables you to access your account information and activity from any internet connected device. In addition, you will be able to view your account history and pay your bills. These options are in addition to the way you are used to paying such as through your bank or writing a check and mailing it in.

    To use our Customer Portal:

    1. Link to

    2. Click Set Up Online Access

    3. Enter the required information, including your account number and CID number, both of which may be found on your invoice. (postcard)

    4. Create a password for your account

    5. Click Create Account You will now be able to pay your bill online via credit card after you create and access your account, choose Pay Now under Account Actions and provide the required payment information.

    You can still mail in your payment using one check. (no need to send separate checks any longer).  

    Beginning the first quarter of 2020 your water and sewer rates will increase by $3.00 each.

    This information will also be in your next billing at the end of the year.

  • Reflective Address Markers Available

    Processed with MOLDIV

  • Winter Storm Information

    Information for the Residents of East Bangor

    As winter is upon us and fall has already produced a few storms, the Borough road crew would like to inform residents of snow removal policies, and give suggestions, to help make our streets and sidewalks safe for everyone. This is a general policy and each storm will dictate how it is implemented and what adjustments will be made.

    For winter storms the Borough is divided into two sections; East and West, with North and South Broad Streets being the dividing line. The Borough has two plow trucks, and each is assigned a section to maintain with anti-skid and plows. The order in which streets are plowed are prioritized by the traffic volume. The first being major arteries with continual traffic. The second, being collector streets and hills; streets that intersect with local streets and carry traffic to the major arteries. The third, being local streets; streets with limited traffic mainly to homes, and forth, being Borough parking lots.

    The Borough of East Bangor has 9.08 lane miles of streets, along with 5.6 lane miles of state road to maintain each storm. Our first object is to treat each road with anti-skid when the storm starts. Once the storm has reached a plowable amount the trucks will plow open each road to make them passable and maintain that until the storm has ended. When the storm has ended each street will be plowed back curb to curb where accessible, and from the parked cars to the curb on streets with parking. This allows for drainage of melted snow to run to storm drains and room for future snow, while keeping the streets wide and passable. Where parking is allowed, snow will be plowed to the non-parking side to eliminate parking problems from snow piles made when shoveling out vehicles.

    Suggestions for residents to help make the snow removal effort more effective and efficient are as follows:

    Vehicle Parking: If at all possible, park vehicles off the roadway in driveways if available.

    Shoveling Sidewalks: If you only want to shovel one time wait until the street is plowed back to the curb and plowing is done. When shoveling, throw the snow into your yard not the curb or outside edge of sidewalk. By doing this you are leaving the curb open for run off and drainage. Snow left in curb, when plowed in future storms, will be ice and hard. This makes for more difficult shoveling and may break shear pins in snow blowers. Also by removing snow from side walks and putting it in your yard it can not melt and re-freeze making your sidewalk icy and requiring more attention. Just remember any snow left in curb will be plowed onto the sidewalk in future storms, so don’t complain.

    Driveways: Once again wait until street is plowed back to curb to do the last 6’ of driveway or until plowing is done. Don’t make piles at the end of your driveway for they may overflow into the streets, or become large and obstruct vision when pulling out.

    Above all please be patient and allow the employee’s time to do their jobs in plowing the streets. Plowing snow is a job where there is never a thank you and always a complaint. Hopefully, this will help residents understand why streets are plowed in the manor they are, and eliminate some of the complaints.