EBB Monthly Meeting Agenda 1/3/23


Pledge led by President Pete Zazulak

Public Meeting advertised by LVPC to review the Plan Slate Belt

Visitors address council:

Tax collector’s report

Police report

Municipal Authority report

Park report: Received grant applied for but only granted $15,000 instead of $30,000

Maintenance report- got the back-up camera for truck

Old business: -gutters on police station

-Turkdal subdivion issue

-budget passed by Resolution #2022-7

– spare batteries for speed sign

-new borough sign

New business: -Rehire secretary and treasurer, Mark Kukla (auditor), Ott Engineering, Keller Zoning , Ron Karasak as alt. solicitor & zoning solicitor, and Matt Deschler (solicitor)

  • Adopt Resolution #2023-1 setting the fee schedule for zoning

Accept minutes and treasurer’s report

Approval of invoices

Council members input

Adjourn the meeting.