2022 East Bangor Waste Schedule

R –Recycling Collection Every Other Week   T-Trash Collection Week      H – Indicates Holiday Collection Week

Trash Curbside Collection

Your waste will be collected curbside each Monday except Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day when collections will occur on Tuesday.

Recycling Curbside Collection

Recycling collection will occur every other Monday as identified in green.

Please call 1-800-621-2100 to reach our Grand Central Landfill and Hauling Team.

For more information about Grand Central Landfill and Hauling: Visit our website www.grandcentralandfill.com or follow us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/grandcentralandfillandhauling

Single Stream Recycling Collection

All recyclables may be placed in the same recycling container and put out for collection every other Thursday. Please do not include plastic bags of any kind with your recycling.

What East Bangor Borough Can Recycle

These items may be placed in the container for single-stream recycling

  • Plastics: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • Glass: bottles and jars
  • Metal: bi-metal, aluminum or tin cans
  • Paper: newsprint, small cardboard boxes (shoe, gift, cereal boxes), magazines, phone books, envelopes, junk mail
  • Cartons: Milk, cream, wine, juice, broth, egg substitutes
  • Corrugated cardboard: please cut or flatten boxes

These items are not accepted for recycling

  • Plastics: any plastic that is not marked with 1 to 7 in recycling symbol, toys, garden hoses, pool covers, bowling balls, clam-shell containers (think tomato and fruit containers)
  • Glass: mirrors, plate glass, drinking glasses, glass cookware
  • Electronics: TV’s, microwave ovens, appliances
  • Styrofoam, propane tanks, tires
  • Any soiled or greasy paper or cardboard, including pizza boxes
  • Used Syringes – please use our Think Green from Home program for this

Waste Management will not collect yard waste, grass, televisions, computer equipment, appliances containing refrigerants, construction debris and hazardous waste. Our company also will not collect any liquid waste, including paint. If you have paint you no longer need, attempt to give it to someone who can use it. Otherwise, before placing out for the trash collection allow the paint to dry out or add cat litter or sand to the paint so that is no longer liquid.

Recycling Options

Recycle automotive batteries and used motor oil through a service station or car parts supplier. Recycle dry-cell batteries, CFL light bulbs, electronics and safely dispose of used syringes using Waste Management’s for-a-fee, order-from-home services available through www.thinkgreenfromhome.com Also visit www.recyclerightrecycleoften.com website to learn more about recycling.